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Plan a water park for wild critters

August 1, 2011

August is here and if you don’t already provide water for your yard wildlife community, here are some suggestions. Actually, you need to provide water all year around and you don’t have to waste water to do it.

Bird baths do more than attract birds. Easy home-made bath: a large plastic or clay flower pot liner placed on top of a two-foot tall strawberry jar. Fill the liner with about an inch and a half of water and you’ve got a first-rate bird attractant.

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Birdbath Basics

July 21, 2011

In this time of drought we need to consider providing water for our feathered friends as well as pets and livestock. The most common form of water for birds in the home landscape is a <a href=””>bird bath</a>.

Installing a birdbath is a great way to attract many species of birds to your yard or garden. A birdbath is an artificial “puddle” or small shallow pond, created with a water-filled basin, for birds to bathe and ‘cool off’ in, and drink from. A birdbath can be a garden ornament, small reflecting pool, outdoor sculpture, and part of creating a vital wildlife garden.

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Unique Homes for Your Container Gardens

July 11, 2011

Save a few memories and the environment by giving old items new life in your landscape.

Add a few extra holes to a leaky bucket to create a container or fill an old cracked bird bath with plants instead of water.

Recycle cookie, cracker, and popcorn tins into planters. Use a hammer and screwdriver to punch in some needed drainage holes.

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Garden Q & A: Treating yards for mosquitoes

July 11, 2011

Q: Many of my neighbors are having their yards treated for mosquitoes. We’ve always controlled ours by making sure there weren’t any standing water sources in the yard by cleaning out the gutters regularly and changing the bird bath daily.

This spring, I noticed an increase in bad bugs in our yards and a decrease of good bugs. Is it possible there is a correlation between the spraying for mosquitoes and the increase of bad bugs?

A: While I have no way of knowing what your neighbors are spraying, anything that kills mosquitoes would likely affect other insects as well. Many of the mosquito sprays are contact sprays that kill insects on contact, not just mosquitoes. I would bet there is a direct correlation between their spraying and the absence of good bugs.

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Birds in hot weather

July 5, 2011

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Hot weather is tough on birds as well as people. They need to avoid overheating, but have fewer ways to deal with heat issues than we do. One way birds cope is to gape and pant; they hold their bills open to facilitate more rapid exchange of air.

You can help at home by making water available in your yard. If you have a bird bath keep it filled with clean water. Bird bath water fouls easily.

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The grace of one small bird

July 1, 2011

I found a wounded bird in our rain gutter, under the big pine trees. I asked my wise and practical mate if we should do something. He felt we should let nature take its course. I accepted his opinion. For almost 10 hours. […]

We buried Sophie in the back by our bird bath, where we dug for her worms.

“What happens to her now?” Her body is dead but her sparkle is still here, because we have good memories of her. “We only got to have her for one day. It makes me so sad. Can we dig her up in a few days and look at her again?”

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Bangalore rises to save the bird population

July 1, 2011

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Bangalore because of its massive green cover almost three decades back had around 320 bird species. Due to the large scale destruction of bird habitats which includes trees and lakes, the city has lost one third of its bird species in the last 10 years. IT Companies have helped in the bird saving campaigns as well. Ness Technologies had recently unveiled a project “Bring Back the Birds” in which the company planted nectar yielding trees and installed “Bird Bath” in the office campus.

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Wild Garden Accents sells whimsy by the yard

June 28, 2011

A rainbow of bright-colored planters, garden statues and hammocks peek out from behind the bright yellow fence of Wild Garden Accents on Route 9 in Seaville.

Strolling through the grounds, it’s easy to get lost among the assortment of bird baths, fountains and whimsical garden accents that fill the one-acre property.

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A few ideas to maximize summertime enjoyment

June 28, 2011

It’s summertime, when the living is lazy and the vacations are great. Here are some ideas to help you through it all with minimum care and maximum enjoyment:

The kids are out of school and they’re bored. What’s a parent to do? Hook them up with a BirdCam 2.0-a motion-activated camera that automatically takes photos of every bird that visits a bird feeder or bird bath. The high-resolution eight megapixel digital photos capture candid moments of birds in stunning, fullcolour detail. In addition to the motion-sensitive mode, BirdCam 2.0 can take digital photos or videos with sound at specific time intervals (Timelapse mode) or be used as a regular digital camera.

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Decorate Garden With Gates, Statues, Fountains

June 27, 2011

From: Megan Swoyer

Doherty also has an angel stake, another freestanding bird bath, a tiny “welcome to my garden” sign, and a “really cool solar crackle-glass globe that turns all different colors after dark.” A small, blue-glass garden stake with a sunburst design (“looks so pretty when the sun shines through it,” she said) and a small tabletop-size birdbath that has aged to a verdigris round out the ambiance. “It sounds like a lot when I list everything, but spread out, these pieces don’t distract from the beauty of the blooms.”

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