What’s the best way to help wildlife during a dry spell?

Taken from: patch.com

Today, the RSPB has called on anyone with a garden to leave out dollops of mud to aid nesting birds such as swallows and house martins. The RSPB advises leaving a shallow container such as a dustbin lid with some mud in it out in the garden. Alternatively, create an area of damp mud at the edges of borders and ponds, or in bare patches of grass.

It probably goes without saying that, if at all possible, you should have a shallow-sided bird bath close to any bird feeder.

But what other tips do you suggest? Do you leave a number of bowls of water out for different species, or just one for all animals? If so, where should you locate a bowl so that it is popular, as well as safe to use?

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One Response to “What’s the best way to help wildlife during a dry spell?”

  1. Syl Says:

    We have several water bowls around the yard and shrubbery area for our birds and other critters. We have a simple bird bath on a pedestal, bathroom sinks with rock around them to make a more natural setting and just a plain plastic drip pan like you would put under a pot..this is one our birds vary favorite spot..it is shallow about 2 inches and they love it. I have a garden so we always have moist soil for our birds.

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