Green Summer Fun: Birding

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To take your bird watching to the next level invest in pairs of binoculars so you can better see the birds, their colors, and what they are up to. You can even pick up a descent pair at a local department store. You will be amazing by how beautiful and activity the birds are! You also can invest in a bird feeder that you fill with seeds (for many small birds like cardinals, chick-a-dees, sparrows, grosbeaks, and the like) or sugar water (for hummingbirds). Put the bird feeder near a window or on your porch or balcony and notice how quickly the birds will begin to feed at the station. This is a great way to really view the birds or try to snap pictures of your visitors.

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One Response to “Green Summer Fun: Birding”

  1. Syl Says:

    great article. We have a window mount feeder and it is the best investment we ever made. Lots of enjoyment from viewing birds up close.

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