Growing Concerns: Trumpet vine will summon hummingbirds

Q&A from Keith Stangler

Recently a raccoon has found our bird feeders and empties them almost ever night. One feeder he has destroyed. What can I do for this problem?

I would suggest you catch the raccoon in a live trap and either relocate or dispatch the critter (they are easy to trap — set an open can of sardines in the trap), or mix a product called “Squirrel Away” in your bird food. This product contains hot, cayenne pepper and although birds like it just fine, rodents and mammals don’t care for it at all. Mix Squirrel Away two or even three times normal strength so your raccoon really gets a good shot of it to discourage him.

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One Response to “Growing Concerns: Trumpet vine will summon hummingbirds”

  1. Syl Says:

    Great post and good advice.

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