Spring is on the Horizon

The dark grey of winter is turning to a lighter tinge of blue-grey with warm rain. The sun will shine its bright intensity to warm the sleepy earth. Green shoots of grass are popping up through the dead yellow as birds bob along looking for tasty earthworms. We have let the bird feeder run dry since there is no more snow covering the birds’ food. No longer is the bright red of the cardinal in contrast to the stark white piles of winter. No longer is the swing-set covered half-way up the slide by five feet of snow. Now we are overjoyed to see the paler red of another song-bird, the spring robin.

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One Response to “Spring is on the Horizon”

  1. Syl Says:

    Love your post..I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at 7000 ft elevation, and we had Robins last week..Snow yesterday and sunshine today with lots of birds singing..

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