Repairing the damage after a blizzard

Funny what sounds a hair dryer will mask, like the almighty crack of an old holly tree falling apart.

The holly decided to collapse toward the end of a weekend blizzard. The hair dryer was taking ice off a bird feeder.

Photo credit: Sandra Leavitt Lerner / For the Washington Post

It wasn’t until I took the feeder from the kitchen sink to the back garden that I noticed half the tree sideways over the pond. Ah well, the storm had prepared me for the destruction.

The snow had already pushed over a larger holly, and elsewhere in the garden large limbs of various evergreens had crashed down.

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One Response to “Repairing the damage after a blizzard”

  1. syl Says:

    I really enjoyed your post..we do get attached to shrubs and trees that grace our habitat. Living in snow country, you are so right to leave your shrubs alone and let the snow melt off, and amazingly they spring back, sometimes with a little wear and tear, but that is what memories are made of . Thanks for sharing..

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