Baggin’ a nice fat squirrel is a seedy endeavor

This column started out as a paean to spring, new life and all that fluffy stuff, a piece inspired by a recent warm Saturday afternoon and my wife’s decision to fetch an old bird feeder from what we call our potting shed, then fill it to feed some hungry birds.

Stepping into the sunlight with the tube-like feeder, Nan then headed back for a huge bag of bird seed we’d stashed inside.

Sitting nearby, nonchalantly passing the day with some beer, I smiled contentedly at her oneness with nature, then heard her say, “What the ….”

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One Response to “Baggin’ a nice fat squirrel is a seedy endeavor”

  1. syl Says:

    I needed a good laugh today.. Are squirrels smarter than the average bear?? thanks for sharing..

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