Providing a buffet for birds

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A question was posted on regarding bird feeder options:

Q: We live in an apartment in a neighborhood loaded with trees and shrubs. We love to feed the birds and do quite well in attracting cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, titmice and other species with our bird feeders on the balcony. Unfortunately, my neighbor on the floor below has complained about the sunflower shells that drop on his balcony. We moved the feeder closer to the wall. Is there any other option?

A: Begin using one of the mess-free seed mixes. They are more expensive but do not leave shells. They attract the same species of birds. Another option is to use a tray feeder with the seed dispenser in the middle of the tray. Tube feeders dispensing thistle seed are also quite neat. They will attract the goldfinches and house finches.

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