Using a Simple Window Bird Feeder

Several styles of window bird feeders devices are available. Most are designed to simply stick onto a window to allow you a clear view of the birds that come to visit the feeder. However, other types of window bird feeders models are more invasive, requiring you to actually place a hole into the wall or window that allows the smaller birds to actually come into the cavity while you are watching from the other side. However, you can get many of the same benefits by simply using a simple style window bird feeder instead.

Smaller Birds?

Most of these simple window bird feeder models are best suited for smaller birds, though larger varieties are also available. The smaller versions are the simplest to install and to maintain. For example, some styles simply feature a few suction cups at the top of a clear feeder. The birds are able to easily perch on the sides of the feeder and consume the seeds within. They can be placed on virtually any window that you would like to place them on. Most are durable enough suction cups that the birds have no problem flapping their wings and even being active in them.

Larger Birds?

However, if you have larger birds in the area, choose a window bird feeder that is better suited for those birds. The opening needs to be large enough for them. The suction needs to be strong enough to hold the larger birds. Further, you want the bird seed placed in these feeders to be easily accessible for the birds. This is the best way to attract these larger birds and still be able to see them clearly through the windows.


One-way mirror styles are often the best option for window bird feeder models for one simple reason. The birds cannot see you from the other side. Very few birds are willing to eat while a person is watching them. However, most birds are very social and will eat even though there are other birds with them. This is why the one way mirror works so well. The birds are easily able to consume the food needed while peering into the mirror, not noticing you watching them from the other side.

Another of the benefits of using simple window bird feeder models is that they are the least expensive option available. You do not have to invest a great deal of money into these, but you do get up close and intimate interaction with the birds by installing these bird feeders in your home. Consider all of the options available to you and choose a style that fits your needs but also the needs of the birds that you hope will frequent these feeders.

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