How to Attract Juncos With A Garden Birdbath

Juncos are one of those small, winter birds that people throughout the United States love. These birds winter in the United States and during the spring and summer spend their time up north, in the northern portion of the country and into Canada. Did you know that you can attract juncos to your backyard by using a garden birdbath? These social little birds are happy to splash around and have fun with you watching from afar.

If you hope to attract the junco, you will need to do so by providing a garden birdbath, giving him the right food in the right way and ensuring that the bird has access to nesting materials and areas in the area. Even during the winter, these birds need protection. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • The junco is a ground feeder. If you purchase a platform bird feeder and place it towards the ground, you will attract these birds. However, they are unlikely to fly to hanging feeders to eat.
  • Do give them the right type of bird food. They prefer buckwheat, lamb’s quarters, chickweed and sorrel, as well as several similar seeds. At feeders, they do well with millet over sunflower seeds, but will eat both. A good bird food mixture is all you need to attract the junco, assuming that you keep the supply up and you ensure that the birds are able to have fresh food.
  • Suet is a good option as long as you keep it close enough to the ground that the birds will get to it. This poses the risk of ants and other creatures getting at the suet, too, though.
  • These birds are attracted to pines, Russian olive trees and sweet gum trees. They prefer to get their shelter from shrubs that are dense and where there is easy access to grass, moss and twigs.

Provide this to the birds and you will be one-step closer to having them in your backyard on a regular basis.

Utilizing The Birdbath

A garden birdbath is one of those extra features that will draw these birds in. Ensure that the birds have access to clean, fresh water for the best results. This works as a strong way to drive birds into your area. You will need to choose one that is shallow, since these are smaller birds. You also want to ensure that the bottom of the garden bird bath is not slippery. You can do this by adding a few stones to the bottom, which also raises the water level. If you do invest in one, do consider those that feature running water as this will lure in the junco easily.

A garden birdbath is one of the easiest ways to bring these birds into your backyard. What is important, though, is that you keep supplying these items to ensure that the birds keep coming back.

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One Response to “How to Attract Juncos With A Garden Birdbath”

  1. Syl Says:

    We have Juncos in the winter and they are the love of our lives. They feed at our window feeder. Great Post

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