How to Make a Simple Hanging Bird Bath

Hanging Birdbaths

If you have had any trouble attracting birds to your backyard you may want to consider adding a bird bath to your repertoire.  It is true birds typically do not have trouble finding natural sources of water, but backyard bird watching can be significantly improved with the addition of a water feature in your yard.

Birdbaths range in price and design.  You can purchase cobblestone, terra cotta, ceramic, or copper birdbaths. While we may want our birdbaths to be beautiful our feathered friends do not know or care if they are drinking and bathing in a designer birdbath.

A birdbath can be a receptacle or any dish-shaped object that holds water for birds to access. Bird baths are usually effective enticements and are easy to install.

Rather than purchasing a birdbath you may decide to construct a birdbath. It is always important to consider space limitations.  If space is an issue in your backyard, you should probably think of building a hanging bird bath. Hanging birdbaths can definitely be one of the most unique type of birdbaths. They are made up of a basin that is attached to several cords or chains and are hung to tree branches or custom-made garden hooks.

How to construct a hanging birdbath

Things/Materials Needed:

  1. Bowl – old plastic dish, garbage can lid, soap tureen, wok, baby bath basin
  2. Thin Iron chains
  3. Cutter or any sharp drilling tool
  4. Large hook
  5. Any weight (e. g. a piece of iron)


  1. Drill four holes around and at the top of your bowl.
  2. Cut four iron chains with equal length.
  3. Attach one end of each chain to the holes in the bowl.
  4. Paste or attach the weight at the back of your bowl.
  5. Connect the other ends of the chain around 2 inches from the tip
  6. Connect the tip to the hook.
  7. Put decorations as you prefer at the sides of the bowl and around the chains.
  8. Fill your bowl with water.
  9. Find a nice spot to hang your newly constructed bird bath.

That’s it… you have your hanging birdbath! Depending on the materials you decided to use, it may be a little “unique” to look at, but the birds will certainly appreciate your hard work and effort.


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