Building a Bird Feeder Pole

Have you ever imagined a backyard that looks like a wildlife paradise of birds? Yes, it is indeed possible. The trick is attracting a lot of different bird species to your backyard, and then feeding them, so they stay longer. One way to attract birds to your backyard is to build bird feeders. Build feeders, of course, should be hung using a, functional, and adjustable pole. This article will give you tips and instructions on how to build a pole for your bird feeders and houses.

Things you’ll need:
1. Copper pipes
2. Measuring tape
3. Nails suited for building
4. Any safety gear you may need

Steps in building a bird feeder pole:
1. Plan the dimension/size of the pole – the first thing you need to do is formulate the dimensions of your bird feeder pole. This would include the height of the pole, the distance between joints/holders, the diameter of the holder (pipe), and the pole diameter.

2. Mount a pipe to the ground – Next you should mount the pipe holder to the ground, . Ideal mounting depth is 50% of the pipe’s length or more. You can mount your pipe by using a hammer or any hard object.

3. Solder a simple sleeve – Once your pipe is mounted in the ground, you will now solder a simple sleeve. Make sure to solder it over the end of the pipe, making sure the upper half of the structure can slide in and out of the sleeve and be supported by the pipe mounted in the ground.

4. Plan how many joints you will have on your pole – Decide on how many joints you want to attach to your pole. These joints will hold the arms that will hold your bird houses and feeders. Remember that the more joints, the more times you need to create breaks in your main pole. So, if you decide to have three joints, then you must create three breaks in your pole.

5. Prepare your joints – Drill a hole in the bottom of each arm about an inch from the end. A hole should be drilled large enough for a deck nail shaft to fit, but not the head. Taking a pair of vice grips, the nails are bent so the pointed end acts as a hook which can be fed through the inside of the hole drilled in the pipe so the nail hook is suspended by its head and can spin freely.

6. Attach the holders (which are attached to joints) to your main pole – slide your joints with arms in your pole perpendicularly, then stand the pole to the pipe mounted on the ground. You are now ready to hang your bird feeders.


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