How to Create a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Look around your yard or neighborhood. What kinds of items can be used for bird feeders? Do you see a pinecone? Pinecones make lovely feeders because they are capable of holding peanut butter and suet. Your pinecone bird feeder will attract chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, and woodpeckers.

Here is what you’ll need:

1. Pinecones
2. Thin wire or twine
3. Cookie sheet or waxed paper
4. Peanut butter
5. Cornmeal
6. Tablespoon
7. Butter Knife
8. Sheperd’s crooks or nails (optional)

Steps to creating a Pinecone bird feeder:

1. Wrap your wire around each of the pinecones you have collected from your yard. You will need to slip the wire under the second or third tier of scales from the stem end (your pinecone will be hanging upside down). Once you have wrapped the wire around the scales, you will need to knot the wire to make sure it is secure. Allow approximately 6 to 12 inches of slack for hanging.
2. Place the pinecone on the cookie sheet or wax paper. This allows for easy clean up! šŸ™‚
3. Mix equal amounts of peanut butter and cornmeal together. Do this until it looks well blended. Then use your tablespoon to spread the peanut butter/cornmeal mixture on each pinecone. Make sure to allow one or two small sections of the cone to remain free of the mixture. This free space will give your bird visitors a perching area. Use the knife to push the mixture deep between the scales of the pinecone.
4. Lastly, hang your pinecone bird feeder from a sheperd’s crook or low tree branch.

Bird’s will love this one! Not only will they love the bird food, but you have created a feeder that blends well into their natural habitat. This bird feeder project is also lots of fun to share with your children. They can hunt for the perfect pinecone, help create your peanut butter mixture, and enjoy watching the birds who are attracted to this feeder.

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Source: Projects for the Birder’s Garden.


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