How to Create a Simple Woodpecker Feeder

This is my kind of birding project… it’s not rocket science, it’s simple, and quick!

Whenever building a feeder at home it is usually beneficial to mimic the natural habitat of the bird you are attempting to attract to the birdfeeder. It therefore becomes important to learn how a woodpecker typically feeds in the wild. Woodpeckers are considered “clinging” birds – they have clawed toes that point in opposite directions which gives them the ability to cling and walk vertically up a tree trunk. Woodpeckers perch vertically to forage for food in trees which is exactly why we are going to hang our feeder vertically on a nearby tree.

Steps to Building a Woodpecker Feeder:

  1. Obtain a rectangular cedar shingle. Cedar is best because it is thin and sturdy.
  2. Purchase chunky peanut butter.
  3. Since peanut butter is high in oil – you many want to wrap the back of the cedar shingle with aluminum foil to prevent the peanut oil from seeping all the way through the shingle.
  4. Simply nail the shingle to a vertical support. This support can be an arbor post or a feeder mounting post. The shingle should be nailed as high as you can reach without using a ladder.
  5. Spread your chunky peanut butter near the top of the shingle so the woodpeckers have room to grip without smearing the peanut butter on their feet or tails.
  6. That’s it!

Keep in mind, woodpeckers will not be the only interested parties. Other clinging birds such as nuthatches, titmice, and chickadees will probably partake as well.

Happy Feeding!!


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